About Us

We are The Goulet's

This will be our new website to journal our growing family.

How We Met

In the fall of 2000 Melissa headed to a party with a group of friends. A group of couple friends. Being single she was quickly ditched by all of them! Nice friends eh? As she wandered the party she sat down and met two friendly people, Adam and Christy. They chatted for awhile, and as soon as they heard Melissa was single they told her all about their friend Grant who was also single. Oh no not one of these set ups! Grant and Melissa were introduced and found they had quite a bit in common! Melissa’s friends magically appeared when she was just starting to enjoy herself, and her friends wanted to leave. Of course, right? Melissa and Christy realized that they lived close to each other, so Christy offered Grant to drive her home. Grant jumped in and said, no problem I could drive her home. Melissa happily took him right up on that offer. Little did she know that the ride offered, was the next morning. Slick one Grant. :-p

Oh to be young and naïve right? You know you all did it once in your life to! LOL When they got to Grants house Melissa thought maybe this wasn’t such a great idea……but it was too late now! Once Melissa walked in the door she was met by a mouthful of kisses from Sadie, Grants shepherd/wolf mix dog. She was the cutest thing and instantly put Melissa at ease. :) Adam and Christy left Melissa and Grant alone, not sure why…what kind of girl do you think Melissa is! LOL So Grant and Melissa talked all night long, and before they knew it hours had gone by. One big moment of the night was when Grant asked Melissa a very important question. What was her favorite ice cream? She shyly answered, Superman. He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a tub of Superman ice cream and two spoons. She knew he was the one at that point. What question did you think it was?! Get your mind out of the gutter! LOL

He was quite the gentleman that night, not trying to take advantage of her at all. Not even a kiss. Melissa ended up crashing on his couch a few hours later. Alone. Thought you were going to get some juicy details, didn’t you? The next morning Grant drove Melissa home just like he said he would, and when they parted ways she gave him many contact numbers. It’s pretty hilarious when they think about it now…..pager number (hey it was the year 2000!) home phone, work phone, email, etc. Melissa will admit she never was good at that whole dating game. Apparently that didn’t scare Grant off (which Melissa thought it might have after she was dropped off), because about 8 hours later she got a call from Grant asking her out on a second date. And they have been inseparable since. Thank you Adam and Christy!